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Decentralized Water Management

Securing premium "drinking" water for cities and communities.

Water4Cities™ is the latest methodology of collecting and supplying premium drinking water of highest quality matching and/or exceeding natural spring water for inhabitants of cities and communities. A new century deserves an optimized and secure water system. Water4Cities™ provides a sustainable EcoEco Solution - with both economic and ecological advantages.

A decentralized Water4Cities™ drinking water system:
  • has many autarkic water stations.
  • produces smaller quantities enabling higher quality premium drinking water.
  • is transported over less distance saving energy and CO2.
  • less energy intensive to desalinate or purify water than reverse osmosis.
  • there is no waste brine (usually associated with sea water desalination) when our resource is rain water.
  • environmental impact is very low.
  • low emission low carbon technology.
  • a plurality of isolated water stations combined becomes a decentralised dam.
  • in the event of mains water contamination, a decentralised network provides backup and security.
  • decentralisation presents unprecedented security as each station is "isolated" preventing any spread of contamination.
  • in the event mains water is contaminated, with forward planning, a Water4Cities™ decentralisation network can be boosted assuring drinking water is maintained.
  • an EcoEco Solution, eco-friendly, cost effective and profitable with Value Added Liquad!™.
  • no moving parts, no chemicals, self-cleaning, low maintenance.
  • sustainable premium drinking water
  • provides an alternative to the plastic bottle crisis.

  • NO MOVING PARTS Water4Cities™ uses evaporation/distillation technology that mimics the water cycle and does not rely on filters that may break or leak, no chemicals are needed, and the clever Germans have designed a self-cleaning machine that will provide many years of service as it has no moving parts, except for small pumps to keep the water moving.

    QUALITY Naturalised Water™ technology is used in the final stage to revitalize waters' life energy back into pristine condition.

    Liquad!™ introduces an EcoEco Solution with both economic and ecological advantages, a profitable income with a low carbon (even zero CO2) process.

    SECURITY Most cities drinking water supply has no back-up system. A Water4Cities™ decentralised network provides a secure backup drinking water supply should the main water supply become unsafe to drink. Water4Cities™ systems are also isolated from each other, further preventing any spread of contamination.

    Would you believe that in some cities as little as 2% of the water supplied is used for drinking and 98% is for everything else. Sounds like an expensive method... but that's how it is, because we have only one water supply.

    In emergency, whether it is contaminated water or terrorism, Water4Cities™ plurality of decentralised and isolated units serve as secure backup for drinking water. If electricity is lost, special hand pumps can continue production. Secure in flood zones.

    Australia's water standards are amongst the highest in the world and are justified to be amongst the best, but recent water shortages has triggered Australia to build seawater desalination plants in every major city except Darwin. The very expensive desalinated water is feed into the same stream, because there is only one grid.
    November 7, 2010 Desal plant sucks in sewage. Water4Cities™ evaporation technology mimics the sun, which is nature proven - also no moving parts or filters to leak.

    November 8, 2010 Clover Moore MP "We have to put new piping under the city. It's about the future, it's about providing energy, it's about what we do with our waste."

    Water4Cities™ Sustainable drinking water solution for Sydney is perfect for Trigeneration Master Plan... with an extra pipe for potable water.

    The model of the internet is many streams - a decentralized model - which can be applied to energy and water. The City of Sydney is installing a Decentralized Trigeneration system with the ambitious 70% reduction of CO2 by 2030. Trigeneration + Desalination = Quadgeneration / 4 PRODUCTS Chilled water, hot water, electricity and premium quality drinking water.

    is the Water Naturalisation process bottled in glass.

    By diversifying into a plurality of streams (grids), we change the methodology of a huge dam to many small localized systems - which also allows us to raise the standard of the 2% we drink to that of premium spring-like water - Naturalized Water™, as well as manage "the plastic bottle nightmare", save energy, save water, lower CO2 to zero in some cases.

    What percentage of your drinking water is from a non-recyclable plastic bottle? Water4Cities™ also reduces the need to buy plastic bottled water by delivering premium quality through managed containers and glass.

    Most importantly, as demonstrated by the 2,000,000 plastic beverage bottles used every 5 minutes in the United States, with only 10% recycled, 90% ends up in the trash or in the ocean creating a floating plastic garbage dump twice the size of Texas in the North Pacific. That's 8.8 billion gallons per year, 232 bottles per person per year, 63.4 billion bottles dumped in a year, 174 million per day, 120,000 every minute. [ref]

    Maybe the general public is crying out for better quality water than tap. Maybe they don't like the chlorine taste. Maybe it's just aesthetic or a fashionable trend... how much can our eco system take? The solution is to stop using plastic bottles or refill and reuse your own bottle with filtered water or a complete re-think of water technology.

    Naturalized Water™ makes good ecologic and economic sense in a climate challenged world. Securing your cities drinking water by installing a plurality of streams will become standard. Installing a Water4Cities™ network is easy. It starts with one and grows many separate independent and isolated systems. When enough stations are operational, they act as a secure backup source of premium drinking water should the main stream be spoiled.

    In the event of disaster, decentralized drinking water assures security.
    Water4Cities™ Decentralized Water Management - Securing premium Drinking Water for Cities
    The world has enough water for us all to drink, but not enough to waste.

    It is common to find our drinking water infrastructure is connected to our toilets and good water is wasted flushed down the drain. A decentralized model by-passes a cities mono infrastructure - can be higher quality - is only used for drinking - and is delivered over far shorter distances. In a sense, Water4Cities™ is making more water available by not wasting it. Of course there is no more water, just better management.

    And manage we must. The water cycle, or hydrologic cycle usually remains fairly consistent from year to year producing the same amount of water - but what we expect as the planet warms is the rate of evaporation and rainfall is going to get stronger producing more concentrated rainfalls. Wet places will become wetter and dry places dryer - manifesting as droughts and floods - making drinking water more inaccessible - and a growing population requires more water to drink. Our magnificent planet will be home for 7 billion people by 2012 and is expected to reach 10 billion by 2150 - but no more water is to magically appear. By decentralizing and managing our drinking water we ostensibly have more water to drink.

    A new climate challenged world demands completely new thinking.

    Large scale desalination plants are expensive, energy intensive, create a lot of brine that's unavoidable and needs to be ecologically managed to look after ocean life - and the water produced is unavoidably delivered into the city grid which is open to every tap and toilet. That's very expensive water (but not premium water) going down the drain.

    Because the source of the water is coming from one dam (and/or desalination plant), whereas decentralized water has many smaller dams, a decentralized collection and distribution 'state of the art' drinking water system has a significant security advantage... all our eggs aren't in one basket.

    A decentralized water system does not replace a cities existing water system, but is an adjunct purposefully designed to deliver "premium drinking water only". There are many benefits to decentralization. Water4Cities™ dispenses water directly without the need of plastic bottles. The less distance travelled the less CO2 produced - and many independent (decentralized) water source-outlets provide many backups, which is far more secure than one source.

    A decentralized "drinking water only" system bypasses the usual waste associated with flushing, showering, cleaning, watering the garden etc. because it is not connected to the city grid.

    Our premium quality drinking water is likened to spring water. Liquad!™ Naturalized Premium Drinking Water process emulates mountain spring water, and encourages the abandoning of buying spring water in plastic bottles that leak chemicals and then find themselves in the middle of the ocean poisoning our oceans, our fish and eventually back to ourselves through the food chain.

    The City of Sydney is decentralizing electricity and installing Trigeneration CCHP Combined Cooling Heat and Power and our Waste Heat Process is the perfect partner enabling CCHP or CCHDP Quadgeneration Combined Cooling Heat Desalination and Power to also produce the finest quality drinking water at low cost and at low carbon. The City of Sydney is on track to deliver 70% emission reductions by 2030.

    Partnering with waste heat is an affordable and practical configuration delivering a break through in water delivery with low emission technology.

    Water4Cities™ solar thermal technology can provide completely CO2 free premium drinking water.

    With no moving parts, no filters, no use of chemicals our Solar Thermal technology affords us the greenest credentials - and we can adapt and clean virtually any type of water - storm water, rain water, industrial waste water, ground, brackish, sea water and even black.

    Water4Cities™ is upgrading water quality standards, saving precious water, whilst delivering a cost effective low carbon alternative.

    Contact Water4Cities/WAPSEC for a study on your city.

    Decentralized Decarbonized Cogeneration Desalination & Power

    We are riding a new wave of industrial revolution into the RENEWABLE ENERGY AGE. Renewable Energies bring only advantages and no burden to the world.
    The ECO SUSTAINABLE PLANET and ECO SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY sections often overlap - as crops become fuel and microorganisms make electricity - the line is blurred and indeed that is the desired 'interconnectedness' effect.
    All these exciting new green technologies could become marketable at any time. To clarify exactly what is available now, you'll find WAPSEC is in the business of WATER & POWER SECURITY. WAPSEC supplies 'wholistec' solutions with leading-edge technology from Germany and Australia.
    ECO SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY Ecology and Technology working together in synergy. SUSTAINABLE is 24 x 7. ECO SUSTAINABLE is when there's no waste. The waste product of one process is fuel for the next.
    THE AGE of ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY - inspiration leads to innovation, and solutions provide engineers and architects methodologies to green the world. Man learns to live with the planet.